Types of Sexualities

Types of Sexualities

Heterosexuality and homosexuality being extremely popular for a long time, it’s easy to assume that there are only two sexualities, especially if you fall under these two. However, there are more than twenty other sexualities that people can identify with. To be well-informed as well as know the name of the sexuality you most identify with, it’s important to get information about the many sexualities that are there. This way you can help others know their own as well as be less judgemental when it comes to other people’s sexuality. Well, what sexualities are there?

The most common sexuality is monosexual

The most common sexuality is monosexual that more than half of the world’s population have identified themselves with. It is when someone’s attraction is directed towards only one gender and no other. Monosexuality can be an umbrella for heterosexuality, gay and lesbian, or others that entail attraction to one gender. Heterosexuals are those whose sexual attraction is geared towards others of the opposite gender. For example, a male person who is sexually interested in a female is a heterosexual. Gay is usually used for males who are sexually interested in other males, while lesbian is a term usually used for women who are sexually and romantically interested in other women. Nevertheless, non-binary can identify themselves as either gay or lesbian as well.

Have you ever met a person

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t seem to be attracted to anyone at all? Well, that is a sexual orientation type known as aromatic. It is sexuality in which the concerned are not romantically interested in anyone. Autoromantic is sexualities in which someone is only attracted to themselves and has no desire to connect with others sexually.

Types of Sexualities

The term bisexual always seems to indicate that it is an orientation in which an individual has attractions towards two types of gender. Although this might be the case and might involve an attraction to two genders, bisexuality is when someone is attracted to more than one gender. They may have sexual or romantic feelings towards male, female, transgender, non-binary, or any known gender. Bisexual is sometimes used to mean the same thing as pansexual. Pansexuals are those who never consider gender at all in their search for sexual or romantic partners. It can be simply being attracted to anyone of any gender as long as they feel great about that or as long as the conditions are in check with their desires.

Has anyone ever told you that they don’t feel any sexual desires or have never felt any at all, and you thought it was weird? Well, it actually is not weird; it is sexualities that aren’t known by several people. Asexual is an orientation in which a person doesn’t have any attractions or desires that involve sex. These individuals might have a desire such as romance, but not one that has to do with having sex. Although this isn’t as popular as the rest, it is an orientation that has to be recognized and be respected just like the rest are.

There is a category of people who are usually attracted to masculine energy. This is mainly females who love males because of their masculinity and desire to have sex with them. It can be a female who loves another woman that seems muscular or posses masculine characteristics. This kind of orientation is known as androsexual. It is just tied to masculinity, which is usually possessed by the male gender compared to different types of gender.

Knowing information about different types of sexualities and keeping up to date with the ones that are discovered daily can be life-changing to everyone. It prevents people from being judgemental but instead accepts others for who they are because each has different characteristics and desires. This also provides freedom to several who were made to believe that their identities can only be tied to two or three sexualities. Sexualities are many since people prefer different things and also keep changing what they want. Therefore, a person can be bisexual today and heterosexual tomorrow since they might have changed their desires or their romantic wishes may have changed over time. As it is always said by most, knowledge is power; being knowledgeable about all sexualities provides a person with power as they can easily know who themselves instead of being told what to become.